Pet Diagnostics

To maintain the continued health of your animals, Gadd’s Animal Doctors of Gray utilizes a wide range of internal diagnostic instruments.

Real-Time Diagnostics

A comprehensive physical examination is essential to any veterinarian visit, but occasionally we need to dig a little deeper to figure out why your pet isn’t feeling well. Digital X-rays, blood and body fluid analysis, skin and ear cytology, ultrasound, and other tests are some of the diagnostic methods we use.

Digital Imaging
Digital X-rays avoid film processing mistakes, which decreases the need for repeat exams and shields your animal from radiation exposure. The nearly instantaneous results can also be readily altered and enlarged for the clearest display on our high-resolution computer monitor. For a recommendation or second opinion, they can be swiftly emailed to another practice.

Diagnostic Ultrasound and Echocardiography
An accurate and detailed diagnosis of your pet’s disease can be made using ultrasound. The ultrasound is non-invasive and painless, even though your pet may need to be shaved for the treatment to allow for the best viewing.